Dust off the picnic table and fire up the grill! But before you arrange a backyard party for your friends and family, check out these tips below to help set the stage for your best backyard bash yet.
1. Put It On Cruise Control

By setting up a well-stocked buffet table and drink station, the party will essentially run itself. Everyone can serve themselves and you’ll also create a spot for them to mingle.

2. Keep Everyone Comfortable

A good way to keep guests outside comfortably throughout the day and into the night is to provide ample supply of things like water, sunscreen, and bug spray. As night approaches, a few light blankets will help keep the chill away.

3. Bring the Inside Out

If you really want to be ‘entertaining’ you should consider bringing your sturdy, indoor utensils and dishes outside for the party instead of using disposable ones.

4. Get the Yard in Order
Whether you’re having a few close friends or the entire neighbourhood over, tidy up the yard and patio area so everything looks neat.
5. Consider the Food Ahead of Time
A buffet is great for keeping the flow of the party moving, but it’s also wise to think of the menu and how to prep it in time. You’ll need to know about food allergies. You may want to prepare foods ahead of time, and you might even want to make the sides a potluck to ease your workload.

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