Beware the banker who gives you their shirt!!


Did you get a call from your banker? Did you fall for that “special renewal offer” or “early renewal?”

If you were one of the unfortunate bank victims who received a call from the friendly banker offering a “special deal”, chances are it wasn’t so special after all. I’ve had many people contact me with stories about their bank calling to help them take advantage of the low rates… except those “low rates” have not stopped falling.

Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself and take advantage of the low rates: Speak with an experienced Mortgage Broker and get yourself an approval with a 120-day rate hold. This is easily done and it will buy you time to see where rates go over the next few months.

Brokers monitor rate activity daily. If rates go down further, your broker will notify you and automatically adjust your rate to the new lower rate.

No one else can monitor all lenders and provide this sort of rate and product variety.  And, oh yeah, did I mention that qualified borrower pay nothing for this service? Yup, it’s free to the consumer as the financial institution that funds the mortgage pays the broker.

– Taken from Blog Post “It’s war. Mortgage Rate Wars. You could win with Big Rate Cuts!” by Steve Graganis

What are you waiting for? Is it time to buy… or what about a complimentary mortgage checkup to ensure you’re saving the most money?

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